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4 Tips to better your rowing technique

1. The Setup

Adjust the rowing damper to 5 or 6. Take a seat, strap in. The straps should cross where your toes join your feet. Take hold of the handle, palms down and thumbs around.

2. Start where you finish

Straighten your legs and arms, sit tall, lean back slightly, and pull your elbows behind and below your shoulders. The handle should be at your chest. This is the finish and start position for the stroke.

3. The recovery

From the finish position, straighten your arms then lean forward slightly. Your shoulders should be just in front of your hips. Sit tall, with your arms level and over your knees. Your legs should still be straight. Maintaining the angle between your shoulders and hips, slide forward to the front of the machine by bending your knees.


4. The drive
When you reach the front of the machine, heels still flat on the foot stretcher, change direction by pushing your heels into the foot stretcher firmly. Push with your legs first. Just before your legs straighten, lean back, then straighten the legs and pull the handle to your chest. Then you repeat. Keep thinking: Arms-body-slide-drive-body-arms.

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