About Concept Cardio

Concept Cardio is a dynamic new workout that combines the world renowned Concept2 RowErg, BikeErg and SkiErg with functional movements in coach led, 45 minute, total body workouts. Our brand of fitness is designed to be simple, fun, challenging and effective, catering to anyone, regardless of age, experience, or lifestyle.

We have created a full body training program using the high calorie burning Concept2 Ergs along with simple BUT highly effective functional strength movements, allowing for a low impact, yet high value workout in every session.

Whilst the focus of the workout is cardio, the mix of movements, machinery and equipment sees an increase in overall fitness throughout each coach lead session.

Concept Cardio

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Low Impact / High Value


Well Rounded Fitness

Concept Cardio figure stand

At Concept Cardio, we use proven models, allowing us to create programs that offer well-rounded fitness that contributes to everyday wellness. Our programs are a blend of cardio training, Concept2 Ergs and functional everyday movements that are often enhanced with loaded options.

Our sessions are simple enough for anyone to do, but also balanced enough that regardless of your fitness level, you will feel challenged. This is done by ensuring that our programs are designed so that you are only ever in competition with yourself. You decide how hard you want to train, how heavy you want your weights to be and how high you want your heart rate to go.

Concept Cardio is a fun and engaging workout designed to have you hooked from your very first session and on the road to your fittest and strongest self.

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